Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Pets are part of our lives. But to them, we are their entire life.

Do you remember when you were a little kid? As most children are, you were probably fascinated by the “heroes” of comic books and movies – fictional characters that went from situation to situation, protecting the weak and saving the world. All in a day’s work, of course. They possessed super-strength, the ability to fly, shoot webs from their hands, freeze time, and become invisible when the situation calls for it. And they never get credit for what they do; in fact, sometimes you don’t even know they’ve been there.

As we get older, we realize that heroes don’t actually wear capes (my apologies if this is the first you’re hearing of this). As adults, heroes are those who stand up for what they believe in. They are the people who protect the innocent and who speak for those who have no voice. Heroes still save the world, but in a very different way. They are brave, compassionate, and generous.

What is a Hearts Alive Hero?

Before we talk about what it means to be a Hearts Alive Hero, let’s chat about what Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas does. A 501(c)3 animal rescue founded in 2014, this organization saw countless animals being lost in the shelter system. Dogs and cats being surrendered (through no fault of their own) due to their parent’s inability to provide the care they needed, and animals who would never be adopted because of medical issues that could actually be fixed.

This animal rescue was born out of a desire to support pets in their homes and on their journey to find a home. Saving lives takes a lot of love, a lot of patience, (a lot of tissues), and a lot of money. That’s where our heroes come in.

The Hearts Alive Heroes are a group of monthly givers who understand the difference our rescue makes in animals’ lives throughout Las Vegas and the people who love them. These dedicated and generous individuals know that they have the power to change an animal’s story for the better.

They do this through the power of donations.

What Is Your Money Used For?

There are so many costs associated with animal rescue. If we tried to list them all, your head would spin! But we sure can try. 

When a healthy animal comes to the rescue, it costs between $75 and $200 to vet them. This includes their shots, microchip, and a spay or neuter to ensure that we aren’t rescuing their puppies or kittens in a few months. 

Those are the healthy animals.

But we don’t just save the healthy animals. We focus on the broken, the sick, the old – the dogs and cats that wouldn’t make it out of the shelter otherwise. Some of these animals need eye surgery, they need limbs amputated, need tumors removed, or illnesses treated. Have they done anything wrong? No! It’s not their fault they got sick, or injured, or were born with a birth defect. So we help them. We do everything in our power to give them a good life. Sometimes to the tune of several thousands of dollars. They deserve better than the hand they’ve been dealt. 

Your donation helps us provide for them.

The animals in our care (and those in our foster homes) need supplies. Food, litter, treats, toys, medications – the costs add up as we provide everything these fur babies require as they await their future families. 

Your donation helps to feed and care for these helpless creatures.

Throughout our journey, we have looked to see where the need was so we could fill it: veterans, seniors, low-income individuals, and now thanks to COVID-19, approximately 30% of the population. These are adoring pet parents who provide the shelter and the love that their animals need, yet struggle to afford food for them or provide the medical care necessary to keep them healthy. For these families, we provide community support in the form of free pet food and low or no-cost veterinary treatment. 

Without us, these families would have to decide between feeding themselves, paying their rent, or caring for their beloved fur kids. Without us, these animals may suffer, be surrendered to the shelter, or euthanized. And without you, we couldn’t help the thousands of pets we help each month. 

Your donation keeps families together.

This animal rescue was born out of a desire to support pets in their homes and on their journey to find a home. Saving lives takes a lot of love, a lot of patience, (a lot of tissues), and a lot of money. That’s where our heroes come in.

Special Needs Dog Paraplegic

Be a Hearts Alive Hero

Think of any story you’ve ever heard. The character doesn’t become the hero until he or she receives “the call.” It’s an invitation to step into their greatness and truly make a difference in the world.

This is your call. 

Right now, you have the opportunity to make a decision. Are you willing to step into your greatness and become a hero for these animals? Are you ready to save lives, speak for those who have no voice, and support our organization and all we do for the community? 

If you are a hero, we invite you to become a monthly donor. Your tax-deductible donation will be automatically deducted each month, so you can just sit back and think about all the good you are doing for animals in need. 

We know you aren’t helping to get anything in return, but we still want to say thank you. When you become a Hearts Alive Hero, you’ll receive some goodies to show our appreciation. (No, it’s not a cape).

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