Family Adopts Wide-Eyed Samuel

When Nikki (one of our amazing supporters and a Kitten Foster Mom specializing in caring for neonatal & critical care kitties with an amazing Instagram following) went to the shelter to pick up a kitten off the transfer-only list, they asked if she’d take 4 more kittens with eye issues ranging from infection to blindness. She couldn’t say no.

She knew they would get the care they needed thanks to Hearts Alive Village.

Arriving home with the babies, she noticed the wideset eyes and overbites. In her opinion, that just made them even cuter.

Meanwhile, Amanda has always chosen white cats. With a Snowshoe Siamese mix and a Flamepoint Siamese in the house, her husband Justin was looking forward to one day having a different colored fur floating around the house. “The next cat we get will have to be black,” he joked.

They weren’t looking for another cat. But when she saw Samuel aka Thamuel (because of his adorable overbite), she fell in love. Nikki’s posts showed a sweet little boy who hadn’t yet come out of his shell.

Knowing that their 14-year-old cat has medical issues and wouldn’t be around forever, Amanda decided to put in an application and message Nikki about her interest. Amanda and her family were about to move into a new home and it was the perfect time to introduce little Samuel to their clan. 

Besides the cats, she had a French Bulldog who wanted to play with the cats… but the cats weren’t having it. She thought a kitten might be up for the fun.

But, Amanda figured Samuel was “internet famous” and there was no way she’d ever be chosen as his mommy.

When Nikki told Amanda she thought she’d be a great mommy to Samuel, Amanda realized something… she hadn’t told Justin she’d even applied. Oops!

Nikki flew to Colorado to deliver Samuel to his new home. Amanda met them at the airport and fell in love instantly.

He was nervous his first week in their house and spent most of the time under the bed. They kept the other animals separate so he’d have time to adjust.

It only took a week before he realized they were his people and this was his place. Samuel now spends his days chasing the cats and boxing with the dog. His crossed eyes and underbite are getting more pronounced as he gets older. He drools when he’s happy, and he can often be seen with his little tongue hanging out of his mouth.

“Samuel has made himself at home.  I think he’s even made the old cat a little bit younger with all his playing.  He’s a blessing for all of us.” – Amanda

This Giving Tuesday, you can help us provide the care that these pets need to have a happy life. Thanks to a generous match from one of our donors, Howard Ash, there has never been a better time to give. All gifts up to $10,000 will be matched, but our goal is to raise $50,000.

Every animal deserves a second chance at a happy story. Hearts Alive Village has already saved more than 4,250 animals and with your help, we can save so many more.

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