As pet lovers, we understand the benefit, both physically and emotionally, of enjoying the companionship of an animal. Hearts Alive Village knew early on that we couldn’t help as many animals as we’d hoped without helping people, too. We can all agree that our veterans are under-served and under-supported after they’ve completed their service commitment.
We are lucky to have connected with some fantastic Veteran Affairs case managers – great people who are working to help vets who have found themselves struggling to make ends meet, dealing with health and medical issues, substance recovery, and homelessness. Case managers do a great job connecting veterans to resources in the community. The Charlie Mike Program has become another resource for these Veterans Affairs case managers.

We are called on for different types of support—some of which include:

  1. A veteran has a dog and it’s not feeling well, has an ear infection or an impacted anal gland. Or their pet needs shots, to be fixed, or needs a microchip.
  2. A veteran is struggling to feed their pet and is in need of supplies.
  3. A veteran has recently become homeless and is on track for housing but won’t have a place to stay with their pets for 30 days. We can offer boarding or temporary fostering of pets until the family can be reunited.
  4. A veteran is stable in housing and is a good candidate for a companion animal or emotional support animal.  If necessary, we can waive adoption fees, etc.
The Charlie Mike Program has been one of the most rewarding programs of Hearts Alive Village.
Pets who were destined to lose their lives in a shelter now have been placed in loving homes with veterans. Veterans who were struggling to keep their pets have been supported, avoiding having to have their pet enter a shelter. It’s a win/win situation. The best part is the truly awesome indirect impact we’ve seen in the lives of the veterans whom we’ve helped.
Read about just a few of these connections below and contact us if you wish to help.