It’s been part of the dream all along.

Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals in need of a voice, and since day one, we’ve intended to open a sanctuary to rescue horses, donkeys, goats, pigs, and any other animals that needed protection.

Of course, we didn’t necessarily plan on doing it right NOW.

But, when the call came about Annie, a beautiful horse that had been undernourished and neglected before being confiscated by Animal Control, we knew that our timeline needed to be accelerated.

Welcome to the Hearts Alive Village Horse Rescue and Sanctuary. Located off Kyle Canyon Road, it’s becoming a safe space for animals to heal, rehabilitate, and wait for their future home.

Annie is joined by our first resident goats, a family of 5 who were in need of a new start. We are happy to report that thanks to our wonderful caretakers, these animals are flourishing in their new environment. The four boys were just neutered at our clinic by our very own medical team.

Our sanctuary is in-progress and we need your help to continue. While we have a temporary structure up to protect Annie, raising our barn is the next goal! This special building will provide a comfortable space and custom features for horses looking forward to a better future. The cost was $107,386 to purchase and be delivered. Now, we need your help to raise funds and get it built! We need your help to RAISE THE BARN!!

 Please donate today and help us create a true sanctuary- the very first of its kind in Las Vegas!