Hearts Alive Village Becomes Disaster Food Distribution Center

Hearts Alive Village has seen many changes in our community since starting the pet food bank back in 2013. Before the pandemic, Kendall’s Kupboard had shared 60 tons of pet food with a community in need. 
In 2020, as the pandemic was wreaking havoc on our community, Greater Good Charities reached out and asked if we could become the Disaster Relief Distribution Center of pet food for our area. We gladly accepted the challenge. 
Through an initial grant from The Dave & Cheryl Duffield Foundation, we had enough to get started, to secure a warehouse for one year, and buy a forklift. The process of enrolling citizens and distributing the food to nourish hungry pets was quickly developed. Over the months, the desperation and need grew. 
To ensure we could secure enough food to meet the demands of our struggling community, we became a RescueBank Affiliate. This special relationship gives us a guarantee that at least a semi truck of food will come our way each month.  Although the food is donated, the freight is not. We have averaged one truck a month for over a year and a half with an average cost of $2,700.00 each.  In less than 1.5 yrs, we have distributed 100 tons of pet food and served almost 25 thousand animals.
Hearts Alive Village receives no government funding. We need our community to help support this critical resource. To sponsor a truck, please email info@heartsalivevillage.org 
Help us feed hungry pets and keep families together during difficult times: Any size gift is welcome and appreciated.