Even with our affordable prices, there are some families who will be unable to pay in full at the time of service. We believe that every animal should receive the care they need, regardless of their family’s financial situation. In order to provide services to them, we have created The Village Fund. With contributions from individuals and businesses in our community, we can offer additional discounts for those who qualify and payment plans that work within the family’s budget.

All too often, pet owners simply cannot afford the total cost of the veterinary care their pet needs. Left with no medical options, they must make a heartbreaking choice to euthanize or surrender to the shelter. We want to put an end to economic euthanasia and help pets stay in their homes where they belong because PETS ARE FAMILY! When you donate to our Village Fund — YOU help save lives and, together, we work towards a more humane community for animals and people.

Access to medical care is a growing crisis with millions of pets going without across the U.S. and far too many entering the shelter with devastating injuries and illness. Last year alone we saved the lives of countless furry family members and kept families whole. Our Village Fund is made possible with your support.

Each case we serve is reviewed for both medical and financial need. With the terrible financial crisis brought on by COVID-19, the number of families reaching out for help is rising dramatically. YOUR donation matters today more than ever!

Mr. Molly Saved by Village Fund

“Hi, my name is Lance and I have an older cat named Mr. Molly that I recently took to the vet. He has an abscessed tooth that needs to be pulled and is in a lot of pain. I’m a disabled Veteran taking care of my elderly Mother and I just don’t have anywhere near the $1,100 they quoted for the procedure. They won’t even take a payment plan. I spoke to the [local shelter] and they referred me to Hearts Alive Village. Can you please help?”

That was the message we received from Lance earlier this week. We reached out to Lance right away and secured a dental appointment for his kitty, Mr. Molly, the very next morning at Legacy Animal Hospital.

Mr. Molly is 10 years old with two kitty sisters, Lily and Mattie. They all mean the world to Lance and his mom, Valerie. After Lance’s dad passed away, his mom came to live with him, coming full circle. This sweet family is so full of love and their cats mean the world to them.

On our call, Lance spoke about each of their darling personalities. Mr. Molly likes to sleep in the washing machine, so he’s trained them to be very cautious on laundry day. Lily loves to sit on Valerie’s shoulders and eat her breakfast at the table, which makes them giggle every time. Mattie is just the sweetest girl who they found as a very tiny, sick kitten, adopting her and nursing her back to health.

Folks on a fixed income who find themselves facing a giant vet bill just don’t know what to do. We’ve heard people say they “What can I sell that’s worth enough to help my baby? I don’t have anything.” It’s tragic and unbelievably heartbreaking to feel so powerless.

That’s why the Village Fund is so important. When we come together, cats like Mr. Molly get the chance to get the care he needs and stay in the home that loves him. YOU make it possible for families to get the support they need.

Please consider making a contribution so we can continue our life saving work.

Lulu Saved by the Village Fund

Lulu was adopted by a family on March 5, 2020 from our local municipal shelter. Her stay was finally over and she was free to find a family to call her own. Unfortunately, within two short weeks, Lulu’s world would be uprooted again. What she thought was her forever family began looking to rehome her, as she was posted on a Las Vegas rehoming site. Her precious face, full of hope, was shared on Facebook.

Luckily her amazing smile melted Maggie’s heart. She couldn’t wait to meet Lulu! She had the same sweet expression as one of Maggie’s dogs, Honey Pie. Maggie called the owner and asked them to meet her in the parking lot of Hearts Alive Village. When Lulu jumped out of the car, she seemed unusually calm. Was her demeanor from the sadness of knowing her owner could no longer keep her? Was it from thinking she was going back to the shelter?

Maggie brought Lulu home and introduced her to the other dogs and family cat. Lulu showed interest, but was cordial and explored the house as expected. At dinner time the pup did not show interest in eating at all. She’d had a big day. Maybe she needed to settle in. Then, Lulu began vomiting in the middle of the night. Maggie decided to take her to the vet to have her checked out. The vet gave her some anti-vomiting medications and told her to bring Lulu back in two days if the vomiting continued. When the medications didn’t help, Lulu was taken in for x-rays. They found an obstruction and it was determined that she needed emergency life-saving surgery that would run $2,500 to $3,500! The cost of emergency veterinarian care is a devastating blow to many pet parents with no ability to pay.

The last thing anyone wants is to euthanize their pet due to the inability to afford such a giant vet bill. Maggie reached out to another local shelter to see if they can help, but they said no, then referred her to us.

Hearts Alive Village understands the struggle that people have with affording emergency medical care for their animals and we didn’t hesitate to step in to save Lulu with lifesaving surgery. We are able to help animals like Lulu because you care!

With the Covid-19 crisis affecting everyone, there are more people and pets in need than ever. From painful ear infections and tooth abscesses, to devastating injuries and lifesaving surgeries, we must do our best to help pets get the care they need.

Today, Lulu is in a wonderful home and loving the life she almost lost. People came together and stopped at nothing to find a solution to save her and we are so grateful to have been able to be a part of that solution.

Your support makes it possible for us to help pets like Lulu. We need each other now more than ever. Please consider making a contribution so we can continue our lifesaving work.

Honey Bun Saved by the Village Fund

Can we be honest? At first, we actually said “no.” We do our best to be financially responsible and our rescue is currently hurting. With so many medical cases draining our resources, the thought of taking on another animal, let alone during hours when an emergency clinic was our only option… was unthinkable.

But so was letting an 8-month-old puppy, with her whole life ahead of her, die from non-life-threatening injuries. After getting that text from Hunny Bun’s family Friday evening, we immediately contacted Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (VECC), and transported her over there for after-hours emergency care.

Not just a wonderfully loving family dog, Hunny Bun will be a service dog for her two disabled parents and their son who struggles with extreme anxiety. When her mom tried to get out the door in her wheelchair, Hunny Bun slipped past her and ran into the road. Within moments, she was struck by an oncoming car.

The response they received at the vet, “If you can’t pay, we will have to euthanize,” isn’t uncommon. Without the funds to treat pets, animal hospitals must turn families away, leaving them with an awful decision to make. 

Despite the fact that this baby would cost thousands of dollars, we stepped in to help. 

Once she arrived at the hospital, evaluation and treatment began.  Her lungs were bruised, and her bones were chipped, but thankfully not broken. Unfortunately, the wounds on her legs can’t be closed. She’ll undergo a months-long process of wet to dry dressings in order for those to heal.     

Little Hunny Bun is the perfect patient and she’s shown nothing but love to the people helping her. We’ve now transferred her over to the Hearts Alive Village Animal Clinic to treat her wounds and provide her with the ongoing care she needs until she can go home to her loving family.  

Between the outstanding bill at the original veterinary clinic, and the cost of the Emergency Vet visit, Hunny Bun’s care has cost over $2,000. 

After a few weeks at our own clinic, receiving regular bandage changes for her leg wounds, Hunny Bun has gone home to her loving family. We even brought over an xpen to place around the door so she doesn’t dart out into traffic ever again.

Please consider making a contribution so we can continue our lifesaving work.