Hearts Alive Village is inviting you to create a lasting legacy by investing in the facilities and programs that provide vital services to animals in need. There are numerous naming opportunities available throughout the animal clinic building. Place your name, your family name, or organization’s mark on the future of animal welfare.

For more information, please contact us at info@heartsalivevillage.org 

Play Yard

Dogs need playtime and enrichment.

While we do our best to find a foster home for every dog, many times it’s necessary for them to spend some time in our facility in kennels.  The accommodations at our retreat are comfortable and spacious, but we know their favorite time is when it’s their turn to get outside and play. Our program dogs love their sessions with enrichment staff and volunteers. Whether they are tossing the ball, learning new tricks, or just giving kisses, this time means the world to them. 

The Canine Construction Zone

We continue to fine tune the play yards and add details and features. With two large dog areas and three small, our play yards will feature shaded structures, bone shaped pools, sand boxes, and plenty of room for a fun game of fetch or tug. 

Under the supervision of trained monitors, dogs have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs who match their energy. When they return to their kennels after play time, they’ll be tuckered out and ready for a good nap!

Research has proven what we’ve known all along: shelter dogs who get more exercise and time outside the kennel, more interaction with humans, and more socialization with other dogs, are adopted faster and stay in their homes more often.  

We want to give our dogs that advantage!  And you can help…

Our Dream Yard

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