Sponsor a Stay

The Hearts Alive Village ReTreat is a home between homes to as many as 30 dogs at any given time where they can stay as long as needed. Pups are given plenty of companionship, playtime, and enrichment until they find loving families of their own.

 When you contribute to a stay at the ReTreat, you are helping an animal in ways that can’t be counted. From providing important medical treatments and nutritious meals, to enrichment toys and agility equipment, their quality of life and comfort is our main goal. With your gift, we can continue to help animals recover from their stressful shelter experience or a heartbreaking life change. Any amount is welcome!

For more information, please email info@heartsalivevillage.org 

Guests Are Barking About the HAV ReTreat


I love all the new friends I've made here!

Delaney, 7 yr F

The staff are amazing but I can't find my balls?!?

Wilson, 4 yr M

I get to play all day long and have so much fun! I wish they would stop trying to tell me I can't have ALL the treats though. Really, I deserve them all.

Alaya, 1 yr F