Sponsor a Stay

The shelter environment can be anxiety-provoking for even the calmest of animals. That’s why we’ve created the Hearts Alive Village ReTreat. 

This boutique-style inn is just minutes from the exciting Las Vegas Strip, yet provides a tranquil oasis for pets as they decompress after a stint at the local shelter. These animals are provided with top-notch care and deluxe amenities as they await their future families.  

For $30 per day or $210 per week, our canine and feline guests are treated to relaxation, pampering, and an unparalleled 5-Paw Experience.


We’ve designed our suites to provide the most relaxing environment possible. From soothing colors to cozy beds, it’s the perfect space for our guests to unwind and destress from a hectic week. 

All guests receive turn-down service at no extra charge. Beds are prepared for sleep and a freshly-baked biscuit is lovingly placed on every pillow.

Room Service

Our Michelen Star chefs take every guest’s health and palate into consideration before preparing a drool-inducing delicacy. Gourmet meals are delivered twice daily on a silver platter adorned with a fresh flower picked from our well-fertilized garden.

Fitness Center

Our state-of-the-art Doggy Play Yard is equipped with sandboxes, pools, and plenty of space to romp and play. Dogs are accompanied by dedicated ReTreat staff who provide enrichment and socialization throughout the day. 

Our feline guests were offered the attention but declined. Instead, we provide colorful, multi-textured trees to scratch, climb, and make biscuits on.

The Spaw

Our staff provides hand-drawn baths complete with luxurious bubbles and rubber duckies flown in from the Canards region in the South of France. Deep tissue massages are available upon request.  

Sit. Stay. Good Guest.

Guests Are Barking About the HAV ReTreat


I love all the new friends I've made here!

Delaney, 7 yr F

The staff are amazing but I can't find my balls?!?

Wilson, 4 yr M

I get to play all day long and have so much fun! I wish they would stop trying to tell me I can't have ALL the treats though. Really, I deserve them all.

Alaya, 1 yr F