Benefits of Microchipping:

  • Most pet owners buy their dogs and cats collars and add a name tag with the pet’s name and the owner’s phone number. These are great, but outdated. They can easily break or fall off, or the information can wear off the tag over time. The microchip is permanent and can’t be separated from the pet.
  • If your dog or cat is lost or stolen, the registered chip is definitive proof of ownership. This is particularly helpful in the case of stolen pets, where ownership might be in dispute.
  • A chip greatly increases the likelihood that your pet will be returned to you if they are lost. Several recent studies show that cats with microchips are 20 times more likely to be returned to their owner and chipped dogs are returned 2.5 times more than unchipped dogs. That’s a pretty significant difference, and with over 10 million pets being lost each year, you want to do everything you can to ensure that your pet finds its way back to your home.
  • Some chip manufacturers are enhancing the chips’ capabilities and adding functionality such as the ability to program the chip to open your pet door only when your pet approaches. This can be helpful in keeping out stray critters that may find their way into your home. Some manufacturers also offer lost pet alerting services and even travel assistance for folks who like to take their pets along on their vacation.
  • Finally, microchips last a lifetime. Once implanted, you don’t have to worry about them, although it is a good idea to have your vet scan your pet annually to guard against any malfunction.
  • Microchips are approximately the size of a grain of rice. They are injected under your pet’s skin, between the shoulder blades, and are no more invasive than a vaccination.