We're saving the lives of pets in need, with a focus on our most vulnerable. Join our team.

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Hearts Alive Village, a nonprofit organization, was founded in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, because of an intense need to help save dogs and cats from losing their lives in an overcrowded shelter system. Our adoption centers and foster homes continue to provide a safe haven for pets to heal while awaiting their new home.

Our Mission

To nurture a compassionate society where pets are supported in their homes and on their journey to find a home.
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Adoption Services

We always have adoptable dogs and cats but will also sometimes have rabbits, hamsters, reptiles, and birds.

Cat Cafe

Enjoy coffee and snacks while hanging out with cats that are available for adoption.

Pet Food Bank

We have been chosen as our region's emergency pet food bank due to COVID-19. Spread the word!

Village Fund

Allowing a pet to suffer because their owner can't pay full-price upfront for veterinarian services is something we can’t allow to happen.

Foster Care

Opening your home up to one of our amazing pets until a loving home can be found helps us save lives.

Rehome Your Pet

We provide valuable resources when the difficult decision to rehome your pet becomes a reality.

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