Collectively, our efforts make a big difference in creating change – the kind of change that saves lives! The talent and time of many loving volunteers is essential when it comes to providing quality care for homeless animals, and to finding a new home to belong and be loved. Whether working with the animals, the public, or behind the scenes, volunteers improve the quality of life for animals that come to Hearts Alive Village.

Join us in the world of animal rescue, and we will show you one of the most satisfying ways to help both pets and people. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life to assist in the many important tasks it takes to run a successful rescue and community outreach organization. We can’t thank our volunteers enough – it truly does take a village!

• Cat Care

• Dog Walking

• Telephone Assistance

• Transportation

• General Handyman/Repairs

• Fosters (Cat & Dog)

• Photography/Videography

• Paws on the Ground Event Team

• Hosting fundraisers on our behalf

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