Foster Homes Needed!

By providing a foster home, you’ll give a dog or cat the snuggles and safety they need while we look for a loving forever home for them. And fostering is easy! We will help to match you with a dog/puppy, cat/kitten(s) that works with your schedule and lifestyle. We’ll also make sure you have everything you need to care for your sweet, temporary guest.

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FAQs About Fostering

What are the expectations of a foster family? 
Foster families need to provide:
  • A healthy and safe environment.
  • Transportation to and from vet appointments and adoption events.
  • Socialization, training, and cuddle time to help teach your foster animal(s) about positive family and pet relationships.
  • New photos and information about behavior to update the animal’s profile for networking.,


Most frequent questions and answers

The amount of time required for feeding and training will vary depending on the age and needs of the individual animal. The more time you can spend, the better. This will help socialize the animal, and teach them house manners and how to be a wonderful family member.

Nothing at all! Hearts Alive Village covers all of the medical costs for the care of our foster animals. We also provide any supplies needed during their stay in your home. We have the following items available for foster homes: wet and dry food, litter, formula,  litter boxes, potty pads, crates, and toys.

Yes. Our foster coordinator will match you with an animal appropriate for your schedule. We will need you to be available, however, to bring your foster in for possible vet appointments and adoption events. We can sometimes coordinate with volunteer transporters if you are unable to attend appointments. 

While we do our best to ensure that we are sending healthy animals to foster homes, most illnesses have incubation periods. This means that if the animal picked up something at the shelter, symptoms can arise after you take them home. Most kittens will require medication at some point, and some adult cats and dogs require them from time to time. If your foster needs medication, we are happy to show you how to administer it before you take them home, or consult with you if the need arises. 

For adult dogs and cats, it will depend on the individual animal. Our staff will do their best to match you with a foster that fits your home and lifestyle, including existing pets. It is often helpful for foster animals to be in a home with other pets for socialization.

Kittens are the exception. They are very susceptible to illness and can carry or catch dangerous ailments easily. For this reason, it is ideal that personal pets and foster animals are kept separate for the entire duration of their stay in your home. We also advise that you consult with your veterinarian before fostering to ensure that all of your personal pets are healthy and up-to-date on all vaccines. If, for any reason, your personal pet becomes ill or is injured while you are fostering a Hearts Alive Village pet, we cannot provide medical care for your personal pet.

Saying goodbye can be the most difficult part of fostering, but we always have more homeless pets that need wonderful foster homes. Keep in mind that by fostering these vulnerable animals, you are playing a crucial role in helping to save lives. When your foster animals get adopted, you get a new foster animal, giving us space in our adoption centers to take in another animal in need.