Hearts Alive Village Becomes Disaster Food Distribution Center

Hearts Alive Village has expanded their Kendall’s Kupboard pet food bank to become the Disaster Distribution Center for the state of Nevada, thanks to food donations from GreaterGood.org and a grant for space and equipment from the Dave and Cheryl Duffield Foundation.
This local distribution of pet food is part of a multi-million dollar nationwide donation effort that GreaterGood.org is executing to help pet communities across the United States impacted most by the coronavirus outbreak. “The COVID-19 pandemic is creating an unprecedented animal sheltering crisis, while also affecting pet parents,” said Liz Baker, CEO for GreaterGood.org.
Imagine a young single mother with a special-needs son. This special family’s two big dogs, Bubba and Chauncy, mean everything. Mom won’t get paid for another two weeks, they’ve run out of dog food days ago, and she’s close to running out of food for her son and herself, too. The team at Hearts Alive Village is able to deliver a month’s worth of dog food, so Mom can focus on providing a more healthy diet for herself and her son — and not have this extra stress.
Heartbreaking stories like this are happening around our valley everyday. When people must choose what to cut from their grocery lists, pets often are among those that suffer most. For those who can’t afford to keep their pets fed, the consequences are greater than just an empty stomach. Many pets will be surrendered to an already- overburdened shelter, and many more will be abandoned. Finding new homes for these pets is never guaranteed. Families will be torn apart and lives will be lost, simply because there’s not enough money to buy pet food.
Since early 2014, Kendall’s Kupboard has distributed over 60 tons of dog and cat kibble to pets in need. Whether it is a family who has fallen on hard times, or sharing with other organizations doing good work in our community, the Hearts Alive Village Pet Food Bank has become an important resource for Las Vegas pets. By creating alliances with other non-profit organizations who serve a community in need. like the Veteran’s Administration and Social Services, we help each other to achieve our goals and of course amplify our reach. Kendall’s Kupboard provides not only food, but also other essential supplies—such as beds, blankets, crates, carriers, treats, chews, bowls, leashes, collars, cat litter, and even shampoo. All are accepted as donations to help us keep our shelves stocked.
Hearts Alive Village receives no operational funding from any government or national humane society, so we rely heavily on the public’s support. Donations of quality wet and dry cat/dog food are especially needed. On behalf of the special families we serve and hear from each day—thank you!